In Russia may appear several new SKOLKOVO

In Russia may appear several new SKOLKOVO

In Russia may receive multiple innovation centers similar to SKOLKOVO, and “Vorobyevy Gory”, Moscow state University. This was reported today, June 20, at the meeting of the state Duma Committee for education and science Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev.

The draft Federal law “On the innovation and scientific and technological development educational and scientific organizations” submitted to the lower house of the Parliament by the government. According to Fomicheva, the law aims to create the leading educational and scientific organizations “innovation belt”.

Scientific and educational organizations get the opportunity to commercialize the research and development that they undertake in the framework of its activities.Oleg Voicemailtel Minister of economic development

The official noted that now the universities can create small innovative enterprises, but preferential treatment for such organizations is absent.

“Initially it was assumed that the appropriate legal regime when we started to discuss this topic in the government, will be created under the MSU and Vorobyovy Gory. But the decision was made by the President of the Russian Federation, the bill should provide a framework and enable the case to the decision of the government such innovative and technological centers to create with other organizations, educational and scientific,” — said Fomichev.

“The decision on creation of such centre will be taken by the government of the Russian Federation on the basis of a submission from the proponent (universities and research organizations — approx. Indicator.Ru),” added the official. Also, the government will determine the direction of science and technology to create innovation center and assigned to a supervisor.

According to Fomicheva, the basis of the bill lay down the law about SKOLKOVO. “Unlike SKOLKOVO, where essentially one management organization, introduced here two. The Fund allows the initiator of the project — scientific and educational organizations — to provide the necessary control and influence to control the operation of the center. The management company will be responsible for the infrastructure of the centre and its commercial activities”, — said Fomichev.

The bill also includes exemptions on taxes and customs payments for innovation centers. About necessity of creation of the innovation center in your region have been declared by the Governor of the Tambov region.