The Philippine military captured the Islamists drugs for five million dollars

Philippine military during the assault in Marawi city seized drugs, five million dollars. About it reports Reuters.

Having beaten the Islamists next house, the soldiers found in the kitchen four machines and 11 bags of “shabu” — so in the Philippines called methamphetamine. “This finding confirmed our assumption that the terrorists are involved in drug trafficking”, — explained the commander of the forces of the Western district of the province of Mindanao, major-General Carlito Galvez, the.

Earlier on one of the left militants of the positions of the soldiers found sacks of banknotes and checks totaling $ 1.6 million. After President Rodrigo Duterte stated that Islamists who seized Marawi, receive support from drug lords Mindanao.

Marawi city was captured by militants who have sworn allegiance to the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), may 23. The Islamists have fortified the city, there were warehouses of weapons, ammunition and food in basements, tunnels and mosques. For almost a month, government forces are fighting trying to free the town. According to the military, to date, has killed 257 of the Islamists, 62 soldiers and 26 civilians.