Putin urged not to create


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the upcoming gubernatorial elections in the regions do not need anyone to create favourable conditions, including giving the opposition deputies ‘ votes to pass the municipal filter, the situation should come naturally.

“You don’t need to create any greenhouse conditions. Everything has to develop naturally. The most important thing we can advise is to work hard, sincerely, honestly, you need to have a taste for this work. If you do not want to do that, then better not to do this activity. That’s the main thing,” Putin said in an interview with TV channel “Russia-1”, the text of which is published on the website of the media.

So he answered the question of whether candidates for Governor’s posts from the party “United Russia” to give the votes of the deputies-members of the opposition for the passage of the municipal filter.

The President noted that sometimes it makes sense to share the votes with the candidate-the oppositionist if he doesn’t have the votes for a municipal filter. “Sometimes it makes sense, because if we are talking about the composition of the municipal Assembly, it is always useful to have in Parliament people who Express an alternative point of view. It’s never a hindrance. It always allows you to weigh decisions, to hear different points of view and come to the most optimal options,” Putin said.

“All new governors are my nominees. Just someone I worked closer with someone not so close, but they’re all people I offered,” he added.

As the President noted, “if there is a sincere desire to change the situation in the region, is the sincere desire and willingness to this, then you can safely get to work, because the skill level allows it to them”.

On 10 September in Russia held a single day of voting, will be elected governors of several regions.