The number of victims of forest fires in Portugal has increased to 62

As a result of forest fires in Portugal have killed 62 people. On Sunday, June 18, announced the Secretary of state for internal Affairs of the country Jorge Gomez, writes Publico.

He said that of the total number of victims, two people were killed in the accident, the details of which are not specified.

In connection with the incident, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has announced three days of mourning until June 20.

The fire broke out in the district of Leiria in the hot weather. The fire caused damage to several settlements, accurate data on the extent of the damage yet.

Because of the heat the red alert level is set for the districts of Lisbon, Santerno, Setubal and bragan├ža. For the rest of the country retained the orange level.

Earlier it was reported 43 dead.

Several large forest fires were recorded in Portugal in August 2016. The largest of them raged on the island of Madeira in Funchal. From the zone of emergency were evacuated more than a thousand local residents and tourists. Then Russian rescuers have assisted their Portuguese colleagues at the request of Lisbon.