Police admitted the death of 58 people in a fire in London home

The death toll in a fire in a London high-rise building Grenfell Tower can increase by up to 58 people. This situation made the representative of Scotland yard Stuart Kandy, reports Reuters.

“58 people, which to our knowledge was in Grenfell Tower that night, missing. Sadly, I can’t rule out that they are dead,” he said.

According to the official information of the police of London is now listed as dead 30 people.

In hospitals there are 24 people, 12 of them in serious condition.

The authorities have promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. Evacuees temporarily housed in nearby aid centers, mosques and churches.

A fire in a 24-storey residential building in the British capital began on the night of 14 June. The building burned down almost completely. Most of the tenants are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

British media reported that the developer repair the apartment building, saved by the skin of the building.