Trump competently built the election campaign, Putin said



The US President Donald trump, who was elected in November, well-built campaign, based on the expectations of the people, although “too far on many issues,” said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone.

“Apparently, the people of the United States is expecting any serious changes. It concerns issues of security, it concerns the fight against unemployment and creating new jobs in the country. It concerns the protection of traditional values, after all, largely the United States is such a puritanical country. To a large extent. In any case, the heartland of the United States. Trump and his team are very wisely built his election campaign. They knew, knew exactly where their voter, in some States a larger number of electors. When I watched his campaign speech, I thought: well, he clearly goes too far on some issues. But it turned out that he was right. He found those strings in the hearts of people who it could affect,” said Putin.

Four-part film stone “Interview with Putin” showed this week, the American channel Showtime.