Putin told stone about his attitude to Stalin

Polypropolene Vladimir Putin has stated that there is no problem with the oligarchy in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had a difficult relationship with the activities of Joseph Stalin. He told this in an interview, which was shown in the film directed by Oliver stone “Interview with Putin” on the TV channel Showtime on Thursday, June 15.

To question stone about Stalin, Putin replied: “This is a complex figure.”

“Stalin was a product of his era. As much as anything to demonize and much else, on the other hand, to speak of its merit in the victory over Nazism,” he said.

Putin also remembered such historical figures like Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon Bonaparte, adding that such figures should not be treated unambiguously.

“It seems to me that the excessive demonization of Stalin is one of the ways of attack on the Soviet Union and Russia. To show that today’s Russia bears some birthmarks of Stalinism. We all carry some birthmarks. So what?” — said Putin.

“Famous figure of the past, Winston Churchill was a staunch anti-Soviet, but when the Second world war, he was an ardent supporter of cooperation with the Soviet Union, and Stalin was a great military leader and revolutionary. After the Second world war, as we know, Churchill was the initiator of the cold war.”

“And when the Soviet Union tested the first atomic bomb, none other than Winston Churchill said about the necessity of coexistence of the two systems. He was very flexible person. But I think his attitude to Stalin never change,” he said.

On the night of June 16 broadcast of the American TV channel Showtime has released the fourth part of the film “Interview with Putin” (The Moscow Interviews). In Russia, the picture will show the First channel. The film, in which four of the series, will be broadcast from 19 to 22 June.