Putin spoke about



The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, answering a question during a “Straight line” stated that the Russian Armed Forces will receive a “priceless experience” in Syria. In addition, he noted the “huge benefits” for Russian military-industrial complex.

Putin answered the question about what lessons retrieves Russia in Syria. According to him, the Russian producers had a unique opportunity to see how the weapons work in combat. They can see how it is effective. Thus, the defense industry carried out a “deep serious work”.

“Experience in the use of our Armed Forces and even with the use of advanced weapons is absolutely priceless. Even the Armed Forces have acquired a different quality.” – said Putin.

In his opinion, although some of the units created recently, they are used very effectively. “We are going to establish a peaceful political settlement process between all parties to the conflict”, – stated the aims of Putin. In addition, Russia wants to “raise the level of combat readiness of the armed forces the Syrian Arab Republic and easy to go locations” – Hamim and Tartus, giving the possibility of the Syrian army to fight and achieve. victory over the terrorists.