In the capital of Thailand, a bomb exploded

In the Thai capital Bangkok worked the low-power explosive device. About it reports Reuters.

The incident occurred in the area of Thonglor. Sweeping the street, the janitor discovered in bushes a plastic bag. When she picked it up and tried to open, explosion. Utility employee was injured, her life is out of danger. Arrived on the scene, the bomb squad found remnants of a homemade explosive device the size of a ball for table tennis.

According to the head of the local police station, the incident is not a terrorist act. “It’s not like a planned attack,’ he explained. — Perhaps it is the work of students who sometimes hide so small bombs”.

It happened the next day after authorities announced the arrest of a suspect in the bombing at the military hospital in Bangkok. Then injuring more than 20 people. The explosion occurred inside the reception for retired officials. Mostly the victims were injured by shards of glass.

As the newspaper notes, in recent months, in the Thai capital was recorded a number of incidents. As a rule, in all cases, used improvised bombs low power. No organization has claimed responsibility for a series of explosions, but it is possible that this campaign organized by the opposition, dissatisfied with the rule of the military.