Zhirinovsky and Spring offered the first versions of the oath of citizenship of the Russian Federation

Zhirinovsky and Spring offered the first versions of the oath of citizenship of the Russian Federation

Deputies of the State Duma presented the first draft texts of the oath in obtaining Russian citizenship. Two options under the authorship of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Irina Yarova published on the website of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation.

Oath of citizenship of Russia, suggested to Zhirinovsky, rich in epithets and metaphors.

“Joining the Russian citizenship, I am overjoyed that today I am a citizen of the greatest country on this earth! And I will never betray you, Russia will never be able to go on about your enemies and I will always be proud that I’m your son. And these six letters — RUSSIA — will always burn my heart’s highest love for my great country.

And I will never betray you, cheat on you and I love you higher than love to his favorite woman. My love to you, Russia is more Holy than the love of parents.

I’m forever your son, I am always with you, my beloved homeland!

And let it be cursed by all your foes and enemies, Russia. We will never give anyone an inch of our land!

Let them suffocate from all malice, who feeds on the hatred of Russia, and we will always be proud of and love our great country!

And let wither my hands and feet, if I ever go over to the enemy. And let my will be a dead language if ever I say one bad word in my country, Russia.

I don’t need your dirty money and promises — I never in the least betray the interests of my country.

The main thing for me in my life and for my family — is the territory of Russia is the great Russian land. I would never let anyone move a millimeter pillars of my country.

Adventurers and speculators of all stripes! Your all attempts in vain — Russian do not surrender, not afraid of anyone and never sold.

And never will be able us to deviate from the right path to greatness of the Motherland. No one ever dares to intoxicate, and corrupt.

No bawlers agitators will not be able to extinguish in us the love for Russia and we are always trembling voice will speak — Russian, love the Motherland, I am your loyal son to the end of my days!”

The text of the oath under the authorship of Deputy Chairman of the state Duma from “United Russia” of Spring structure more like a military oath.

“I, um, engaging in citizenship in the multinational family of peoples of the Russian Federation, linked by a common fate on our land,


to respect the rights and freedoms of man, civil peace and accord,

to preserve the historically established state unity,

to proceed from the universally recognized principles of equality and self-determination of peoples,

to honor the memory of ancestors who have conveyed love and respect for Russia and faith in good and justice,

to strengthen the sovereign statehood of Russia and to assert the firmness of its democratic basis,

strive to ensure the well-being and prosperity of Russia,

to assume responsibility for Russia before the present and future generations, recognizing ourselves as part of the global community

to defend their country and people

strictly observe the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

On 6 June President Vladimir Putin suggested that the Duma deputies to consider the adoption of a law that requires to recite the oath or the oath in obtaining Russian citizenship.