The Syrian Ambassador boasted free Russian assistance

Riyad Haddad

The aid that Russia gives to the Syrian government, entirely unselfish. This was announced by the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) in Russia Riyad Haddad at the conference of the Russian Committee for solidarity and cooperation with the peoples of Asia and Africa, his words RIA Novosti reported.

“The support of Russia to the government and people of Syria in the fight against terrorism and attempts of aggression, the Western countries, as well as providing assistance to Syria in various fields, including humanitarian, economic and military, was not selfish,” explained Haddad.

According to him, while Western countries are trying to maintain its hegemony, to appropriate the wealth of other countries and Deplete them, Russia is working to strengthen the international order and respect for the sovereignty of other States.

On March 26, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak held talks on the participation of a number of major Russian companies in projects of exploration and production of oil and gas in Syria. According to him, the dialogue on this issue, close and trusting. Damascus has requested assistance from the Russian oil in may 2016.