Putin admitted that he stepped on the ice in only 60 years


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he stepped on the ice in only 60 years, although previously never ridden.

During an interview with the American Director Oliver stone for the movie shown on the TV channel Showtime, Putin said that on skates to play hockey stood up in only 60 years.

“I was 60 years old. I couldn’t stand at all on skates. I just couldn’t stand.. In General, it is always interesting to do something new,” he said. The second film will be shown on Tuesday evening. Promotional excerpt was published on the Showtime channel on YouTube.

The Russian leader also told the Director who together with the President walked through the stables, where she met a stallion Vanderwaals. “I have fallen from them through the head”, — Putin said, answering a remark of the stone that it’s “high horse.”

Documentary stone “Interview with Putin” that the Director was prepared two years, leaves Monday on Showtime channel. Four-part film will be fully shown on 12-15 June. The first channel has previously confirmed that it had acquired the company Showtime the rights to show this film in Russia will be able to see from 19 to 22 June.