Putin called impossible the rapid arrival of Western democracy in Russia

Putin called impossible the rapid arrival of Western democracy in Russia

Vladimir Putin believes that Russia is impossible the imminent onset of the same orders of magnitude as in the US or Germany. However, he urged not to demonize Russia, which is a democratic country.

In an interview with the Director Oliver stone in the film shown on American channel Showtime, Putin said that “it is impossible to imagine that today or tomorrow we will become the same order as in USA, France or Germany”, reports the Agency “RIA Novosti”. The head of state explained that the society should develop gradually.

At the same time Putin recalled that for nearly a thousand years the Russian government was a monarchy, then came to power the Communists, at the head of the country was Joseph Stalin. According to him, only in the early 90-ies of events occurred that marked the beginning of a new, democratic stage in Russia’s development.

The President also urged not to demonize Russia that is democratic and sovereign country. “This is related to certain problems, but there are also great advantages,” — said Putin.

The head of state said that you can count on the hands of countries that can use their sovereignty. “Many countries are saddled with so-called allied obligations. In fact, they’re on their own initiative had limited their own sovereignty,” Putin said.

Talking about democracy in Russia, the President also stressed that the government “does not control hundreds of television companies and radio stations, because that’s impossible.”

Putin also said that the main problem of the Russian opposition is that it does not offer voters with programs that are more advantageous from the point of view of citizens.

The Oliver stone movie about Putin consists of four parts. On the night of 13 June on Showtime was shown the first series, and on the night of 14 June, aired second. The rights to show “Interview with Putin” in Russia has become “the First channel”. In the broadcast the film will be shown in the period from 19 to 22 June at 21:30 GMT. In the Russian version, the work of the stone will be called “Putin”.