In his Nobel lecture of Bob Dylan found plagiarism

In his Nobel lecture of Bob Dylan found plagiarism

American musician Bob Dylan used the literary portal for students Sparknotes when writing his Nobel lecture. This writes the American magazine Slate.

It is noted that Dylan used in his speech non-existent quote from the novel “Moby dick” by Herman Melville. In addition, part of the lecture devoted to “Moby dick”, there is a lot of borrowing from a short retelling of the book posted on Sparknotes. Similarity was found in 20 of the 78 sentences about the novel.

5 June it was reported that Dylan sent the Swedish Academy audio recording of the traditional Nobel lecture. An organization called the speech of the musician “outstanding and very expressive.” In this lecture Dylan to name three books that influenced him the most: “Moby dick”, “On the Western front” by Erich Maria Remarque and “the Odyssey” by Homer.

The Swedish Academy awarded Bob Dylan the Nobel prize in literature October 13, 2016 with the wording “For the creation of a new poetic expression in the American song tradition.”