WSJ: Russia and the United States held


RIA Novosti

Representatives of Russia and the United States held at least two “secret meetings” on the issue of zones of de-escalation in Syria, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources familiar with the situation.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the meeting took place in Jordan, they were also attended by representatives of the Jordanian authorities. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson visited the country shortly after these meetings. According to the newspaper, another meeting was to be held this week in Amman, but was canceled because of difficulties in negotiating time.

The sources further negotiations is under threat because of growing tension between the US and Syria. At the same time, they emphasize that the United States hopes to find a way to cooperate with Russia and destroy the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). If the zone of de-escalation will prove its effectiveness, the US and Russia can agree on their establishment in other areas, emphasise the sources.

Representatives of the US state Department did not provide any details on possible negotiations. The Russian Embassy in the United States has not commented on the situation.

On Thursday, the coalition of the United States struck for the third during the last month attack on Syrian Pro-government forces in the village of Al-TANF. As stated by the official representative of the coalition Ryan Dillon, was destroyed by tank and artillery, which were included in the so-called “zone of conflict prevention” and were a threat to allied and coalition forces.

Four rounds of meetings on the Syrian settlement were held at the site of “Astana” on 23-24 January, 15-16 February, 14-15 March, and 3-4 may. The main result was the approval of regulations on the joint task force on monitoring of the cessation of hostilities in Syria and the signing by the countries-guarantors (Russia, Turkey and Iran) of the Memorandum on the establishment of a de-escalation in Syria aimed at stopping the violence, preserving the unity and territorial integrity of this country and the political settlement of the conflict.