Transparency International said Poklonski on accusations of lying


RIA Novosti

In Transparency International refused to remove from the site investigation, which says that Natalia Poklonskaya owns undeclared apartment in Donetsk. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to head of the PR Department Gleb Gavrish.

“No, sorry, we will not. First, we deny the accusation of forgery, we do not forged the documents, this is the first. Second, the document used in our investigation, a statement from the Ukrainian state register of rights to immovable property […]We don’t know what kind of documents posted MS Poklonskaya,” said Havrysh.

Havrysh added that currently the organization is no reason to remove materials from the site. In the investigation of Transparency International Russia says that the state Duma Deputy, and informed the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya four times did not indicate in its Declaration the flat area of 29.9 square meters. According to information employees of the organization, the property is decorated to Natalya Vladimirovna Dubrovsky. According to the Internet, Dubrovskaya’s maiden name Polonskaya, however, the investigation noted that the official confirmation of these data is not. 9 Jun Poklonskaya showed documents that she, the Deputy, gave homeowners rights. They say that the woman, whose name is recorded flat, 6 years older than Polonskaya. The MP promised to arrange a series of tests of “corruption” against Transparency International Russia, and to send members of the organization “to do their job – to cut firewood”.