Theresa may has made changes in the government of great Britain

Theresa may has made changes in the government of great Britain

After the early parliamentary elections in the UK have replaced the Ministers of justice and labour. Most of the former heads of ministries have been able to keep his job.

Prime Minister Theresa may has made changes in the government after the parliamentary elections in the country. The stream leads The Telegraph.

Mae was replaced by the Minister of justice. They became the conservative David Lidington is Elizabeth Runs, which was the first ever woman to be Lord Chancellor in the first Cabinet, may. Changed and the Minister of labour and pensions. For this post the UK Prime Minister appointed David GOK, who previously served as chief Secretary to the Treasury.

The former labour Minister Damian green became the first Deputy Prime Minister. Basically may have kept Ministers from her first Cabinet. Your posts are not lost, the Minister of transport Chris Grayling, health Secretary Jeremy hunt, trade Minister Liam Fox and other members of the government.

8 June in Britain were held early parliamentary elections. Mei decided to dissolve Parliament, to strengthen parliamentary majority before the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Following the elections the Conservative party, headed by Mae, lost the absolute majority, gaining 318 seats in the 650-seat house of Commons. The labour party received 262 of the mandate, the Scottish national party — 35 seats. Britain will a hung Parliament.

After the outcome of the election, the Prime Minister of great Britain advisers Nick Timothy and Fiona hill, resigned. They were responsible for preparing the election campaign before the vote.