The mayor’s office said the number of demonstrators on Tverskaya

The protesters Tverskayayamskaya: Ministry of the interior reported the arrest of 150 people after the rally on Tverskaya

In an unauthorized opposition rally on Tverskaya street in Moscow was attended by not more than five thousand people. Such data as reports “Interfax” cited the head of the Department of regional security of the capital Vladimir Chernikov.

According to him, the action stopped. “At this hour the situation is completely under control [of the authorities],” said the official.

Detained, according to various estimates, from 200 to 700 demonstrators. Official information on this subject has yet been received.

Not without incident: one of the protesters sprayed gas pepper spray in the face of the employee of Regardie, with the result that the strongman received burns to the eyes. The victim was given medical help, the offender was soon arrested.

Inconsistent with the government’s anti-corruption rally of opposition supporters in Tver started around noon on June 12. On the same day there is a festival reconstruction “Times and epochs”, which part of the street has been blocked off and made pedestrian. The demonstrators began to come back after the appeal by Alexei Navalny. Himself in opposition did not participate, as he was detained at the exit of his house.

In parallel with the events in Tver on Sakharov Avenue held a city hall-sanctioned rally, which was organized by associates of the Bulk. According to the interior Ministry, it was attended by about 1.8 thousand people. In addition, on June 12 anti-corruption events were held in dozens of cities across Russia.