Russia has managed to clearly define national interests, Putin said

Russia has managed to clearly define national interests, Putin said

MOSCOW, June 12 — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia is “our people have survived not only the rapid breakthrough to a new, and without this it is impossible to develop, but also extremely dangerous, disturbing time of the weakening of the state, the blurring of the vulnerability of the social fabric”.

In his speech at the solemn reception in the Kremlin in honor of Russian President noted that “all these difficulties were overcome”.

Year after year along with the development of democratic institutions increased the level of openness of a society came awareness of the importance of their own roots and traditions, the understanding that you need to go forward only strong, self-reliant and independent country.Vladimir Putin

He noted that “the power of the state ensures political stability, unity of purpose and cohesion”.

“Together we have managed to preserve and reliably to strengthen the sovereignty of their country, the unique diversity of the peoples of Russia and to prevent the devaluation and neglect of the principles of civic patriotism,” the President said.

He noted that Russia “managed to define the national interest”. “We learned to stand, leaning, including, historical experience,” — said Putin. The President added that “a decent respect for the Fatherland is an impressive result of winners of the State award”.

In order to achieve success in the economy and social development, the President said, “we need to understand, to respect and listen to each other and to develop what has already been done to improve the quality of people’s lives and their safety.”

“We all need to focus on the positive, constructive agenda and everyone is able to contribute to the strengthening of Russia”, — said Putin.