On Tver there passes the action against corruption: about 120 people have been detained

On Tver there passes the action against corruption: about 120 people have been detained

The Navalny supporters mingled with people who came to the festival “Times and epochs”.

In Moscow on Tverskaya street in the campaign against corruption. Estimates of the correspondent of “Vedomosti”, at the Pushkin gathered more than 10 000 people. Eyewitnesses reported that the area was sprayed with pepper gas. “The riot police continues to detain all fell to the ground and dragged into paddy wagons. Just on Pushkin sprayed gas”, — wrote the press-Secretary of the FCO Kira Armys Twitter. According to “OVD-info”, detained more than 120 people. Alexei Navalny was detained before the action started.

Event organized by Alexei Navalny, also takes place in other major Russian cities. In Moscow mayor’s office agreed to a rally on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova. However, on Sunday police have issued a video message in which he said that the stock is transferred on Tverskaya street. He explained this decision by saying that the contractors to whom they applied for the organization of sound at the rally denied them because of the pressure of the city authorities.

Today Tverskaya is blocked because of the festival “Times and epochs”. The municipality was allowed Navalny supporters to walk along Tverskaya, if they are not to bring posters and shouting slogans. “If citizens can walk and show solidarity with the majority of people who come to celebrate the Day of Russia, all will be calm and well. If they are to be “special” feelings for the police to notice them,” — said the head of the Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Vladimir Chernikov, the air of “Echo of Moscow”.

As the correspondent of “Vedomosti”, the beginning of the rally on a closed part of Tverskaya from Pushkin square to Okhotny most of the people gathered at the site of the festival “Times and epochs” battle of the knights. Supporters of Navalny are rare, they go counterclockwise. Several people told the correspondent that “I wish the rally was on Sakharov”, as the protesters against corruption mingled with the guests of the festival “Times and epochs”. Police urges Navalny supporters to move on Sakharov Avenue.

To 15.00 to Pushkin square began to gather the protesters, according to estimates of the correspondent gathered about 10 000 people. They chanted “Russia without Putin”, “Stop stealing”, “Freedom to political prisoners”, “Shame” and “Putin — thief”, “one, two, three, Putin leave”, “We are here”, “Dimon, come forth”, “Medvedeva on trial.” People need to be allowed through the fence. Riot police began to besiege protesters from Pushkin square in the direction of the festival re-enactors. The protesters lift up the keys and jingling them in imitation of the bells.

According to “OVD-info”, Moscow currently detained 121 people, in St. Petersburg — 137. In the regions, according to various sources, detained about 30 people. “Fontanka” reports 300 detained in St. Petersburg.

Sakharov not a lot of people, at most a few thousand people, the correspondent of “Vedomosti”. It is mostly opponents of the renovation was several large groups, including a group of defrauded investors. Flags and posters are not many. On the side of the Sakharov Avenue near the Garden ring mounted microphone and began to address defrauded real estate investors, accusing the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the Moscow government of corruption and disregard for the people.

Alexei Navalny was detained at the entrance of his home before the action started. This was reported by his spouse. “Alexei was detained at the entrance of the house. He said to tell you that plans don’t change: Tver”, — she wrote on Twitter. Simultaneously, the press-Secretary of Fund of struggle against corruption Kira Armys reported that the office of the FBC turned off the electricity.

Navalny on his Twitter page, drew attention to the fact that in the top news “Yandex” there were no reports about the campaign against corruption in the regions. In “Yandex”, “Vedomosti” commented on the situation. “The coverage of the rallies there today in the top. To a news story as long as possible at the top, he needs to write as many resources as possible. Recall that we don’t edit the top and write the news yourself. If the top had some news, then, about her wrote many mass media,” the company said.