Venice invented a new way to limit the number of tourists

Venice invented a new way to limit the number of tourists

First in Venice forbade dining with middle Eastern cuisine, then restrict the entry to the Piazza San Marco, and now the power of the Serenissima is planning to veto the opening of new hotels.

The ban, which is expected to be approved by local authorities this week, hurt to turn historic buildings into tourist facilities. Instead, applications for the opening of hotels will be considered in exceptional cases. Venetian authorities took such a step in accordance with the policy of UNESCO as historic centre of the city tourists are already giving up 25 400 apartments.

It’s a bold decision for the city, which is enriched in large tourism projects. For example, in 2015, the former hospital has opened the JW Marriott. Before that, the company Aman Resorts redid a house on the Grand canal, and Hilton has turned this former mill is the largest hotel in Venice. Even local brand Bauer rebuilt the monastery in Palladio hotel Bauer Il Palladio.

The plans of the authorities of Venice is supposed to apply only to the historic centre. It clarifies that individuals, organizing the rental via Airbnb not forbid activity, but will create for them a separate injunction, reports The Independent.