Source: four people were killed in a shooting in the suburbs

Source: four people were killed in a shooting in the suburbs

Three other people were wounded, the correspondent of TASS.

MOSCOW, June 10. /TASS/. The victims of the shooting in the village of Kratovo Ramensky district, Moscow region were four people. About TASS reported in the emergency services.

“In the household, which is a shooting found the bodies of two dead. Thus, the total death toll is four people”, — said the source. Police are not yet able to evacuate the body.

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Previously TASS reported that the incident injured three people. All of them were hospitalized with gunshot wounds in Zhukovsky city hospital.

In the house, where is shooting, live four families. As told the correspondent of TASS eyewitnesses, the shooter served in Chechnya during the armed conflict, currently lives with mother. Neighbors claim that the man suffers from a mental disorder.

As the correspondent of TASS, is to neutralize the shooter fails. The shooting continued, the soldiers of Regardie attempt to assault the house.

Currently, the fighters of SOBR Regardie stormed the house. As the correspondent of TASS, the shooter in response opened fire on the special forces, before he threw two grenades. The emergency cordoned off.

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