Putin talked about the General for US threats


RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin said that Russia and the United States face the same global challenges, the solution of which the leadership of both countries need to work together. With such statement the Russian President made during an interview with Director Oliver stone. Video published on the YouTube channel of the American TV channel Showtime

“Now we have a common threat from international terrorism, poverty, environmental degradation, which threatens all of humanity. In the end, we have accumulated so many nuclear weapons that it has also become a threat to the world. We have work to do,” said Putin.

Putin added that Russia supported the struggle of the American people for independence from great Britain, the countries together defeated fascism and were allies in the First world war. In another passage of the interview the Russian President said that US policy has not changed, despite the change of presidents. The full interview will be aired on the us channel Showtime June 12. Oliver stone said he wants to affect relations between Moscow and Washington with his film. The stone three times winner of “Oscar”.