Identified four main causes of the high life expectancy

Identified four main causes of the high life expectancy

Scientists from Sweden identified four main factors contributing to the increase in life expectancy, writes the Journal of Internal Medicine.

The conclusions were based on studies involving more than 60 thousand people (both men and women) aged 45 to 83 years.

Scientists have found that a person needs to give up sweet, oily monotonous food and go for good nutrition — a diverse, balanced content of vitamins and minerals.

Another rule is physical activity. And it is not about grueling workouts in the gym. Is enough daily walk with a minimum speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour or Cycling at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour, scientists say.

Among other important factors researchers have identified Smoking cessation and the maximum reduction in the number of alcohol — no more than one hundred grams of alcohol per week. Scientists say that recent studies have questioned the health benefits from drinking very small quantities of alcohol is less than 70 grams per week.