USA struck a new airstrike by Pro-government forces in Syria

USA struck a new airstrike by Pro-government forces in Syria

MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. The US struck on Thursday of a new air attack on Pro-government forces in Syria after they spoke out against U.S.-backed armed groups.

About this informed the official representative of the coalition headed by the USA American Colonel Ryan Dillon on his Twitter page.

The U.S. conducted strikes against two technical vehicles that we were assessed to be posing a threat to #Coalition forces at the At Tanf garrison.

— OIR Spokesman (@OIRSpox) June 8, 2017

Also, the U.S. air force was shot down on Thursday, the drone Pro-government forces in southern Syria, who allegedly opened fire on coalition troops, the statement said the headquarters of the operation Inherent Resolve (“resoluteness”), which is held in Iraq and Syria group of countries headed by the USA.

“Pro-government drone, comparable in size to c MQ-1 Predator, was shot down by American aircraft after released one of the shells that he was carrying, close to the positions of the coalition forces engaged in training and advising local troops to fight with (banned in the Russian terrorist group) “Islamic state”, — stated in the document. As noted at the briefing for journalists the official representative of the headquarters of the counterterrorist operation Ryan Dillon, the drone did not hit the target. However, he claimed that it was “not a warning about the fire.”

As emphasized in a statement to staff, the incident with the drone followed the other avenueto avenueto, “in which coalition forces killed two Pro-government military vehicles approaching the troops of the coalition in at Tape within the specified zone, de-escalate, threatening the coalition and its partners.”

As stated in the statement of operations, the coalition does not intend to engage in battle with the Syrian government and also with Russian or Pro-government forces.

The mission of the coalition is to defeat (banned in the Russian terrorist group) “Islamic state”. The coalition is not trying to fight with the Syrian regime, or the Russian Pro-government (Syrian) forces cooperating with them.

However, it argues that the coalition “worrisome hostile actions of Pro-government forces” near the troops of the coalition and its partners. “The coalition will accept commensurate retaliatory measures to protect its forces,” — said the headquarters.

This is the third recent strike us aircraft by Pro-government forces in Syria.

On June 6, the coalition air force attacked squads of Pro-government forces in Syria. Attack staff explained that troops have penetrated some “deconflicting area” and posed a threat to coalition military base in Al-Tanfi where the camp training of the armed opposition.

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that these so-called deconfliction territory declared by the coalition unilaterally and without the consent of Damascus. In contrast to the areas of de-escalation, the creation of which was agreed by the participants of the may talks in Astana, they are illegitimate, Lavrov noted. The Russian foreign Ministry had condemned the actions of the coalition and stated that attempts of the American command to justify air strikes on government forces in Syria are unacceptable.