The German officer was sent to prison for a joke about a military coup

Failed to make a joke to the officer of the German army threatened to court for incitement to committing a crime. It is reported by Spiegel.

In may at one of the seminars under the auspices of the UN in Bavaria, an unnamed Colonel said, “I’m tired of that 200 thousand people are under suspicion because of the two crazies. In my eyes the defence Minister has lost all credibility — it is necessary as-that to react to it. The coup, that is, to organize?”

The soldier himself said that his call for a military coup was comic exaggeration, and on hearing it, everyone in the room laughed. However, all the participants interviewed, and the command sent a complaint to the Prosecutor.

The investigators decide whether to bring because of the incident a criminal case: if the officer is found guilty, he faces imprisonment, fines and dismissal from the armed forces.

On 11 may, the Minister of defense stated the need of reforming the armed forces of Germany, in particular, we are talking about the “redefining of traditional values and improving political education in the army.”

On may 6 Spiegel reported that in one of the garrisons of the Bundeswehr, located in Donaueschingen, was discovered by a window with steel helmets of the Third Reich and the trappings of the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

Three days before German investigators have exposed a cell of neo-Nazis in the armed forces of the country. The impetus for the beginning of the investigation was the incident with the military personnel of the Bundeswehr: it received the certificate of the refugee, and then tried to commit a terrorist act to worsen the attitude of society to migrants.

Guards found a gun that the man hid in the Vienna airport and then caught the criminal.