Medvedev soldered laser wing aircraft MS-21


RIA Novosti

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Ulyanovsk soldered laser wing of the new aircraft MS-21.

On Wednesday, the head of the government in the framework of his visit to Ulyanovsk visited the company “AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk”, which are made composite wings of the new Russian liner.

The first point visited by Medvedev, became the site for automatic calculations of the wing panels, where the composite production. Here the head of the Cabinet spoke about the technology of manufacturing of composite wings for the MS-21, which significantly improve the aerodynamics of the aircraft and reduce fuel consumption.

Medvedev became interested in this technology and asked to demonstrate the possibility of manufacturing of composite wings. Employees of the company have proposed to the Prime Minister to wear special protective glasses and personally participate in the management of the laser unit, which produces composite wing.

In addition, the head of government got acquainted with the process of manufacturing stringers of the wing panels by thermoforming, composite production. He also inspected the production process of the wing panels and zentropa aircraft MS-21.

As told by the company’s management, this is the only plant in Russia for production of primary power composite structures for the aviation industry.