The new York Governor proposed Trump to begin the deportation of migrants from him

Andrew Cuomo

The Governor of the state of new York Democrat Andrew Cuomo said that if the White house wants to deport immigrants, let them start with him. With this statement, Cuomo addressed the crowd in new York, reports Fox News.

Cuomo, whose grandfather Andrea immigrated from Italy, said that all who do not belong to the Onondaga, Mohawk, and other tribes in the area where formed the new York, can be called immigrants.

The Governor, who as President of the United States Donald trump, a native of new York, Queens, said that the White house has forgotten the Emma Lazarus poem “the New Colossus”, engraved on the Statue of Liberty.

Trump soon after his inauguration, initiated a tightening of immigration laws. In particular, he has repeatedly issued decrees that impede entry into the United States immigrants from countries with predominantly Muslim religion population, but the judiciary blocked these decisions.