Drive out from the frame of the volunteer the mayor of Sochi has angered citizens

Sochi residents outraged by the behavior of the mayor Anatoly Pakhomov during the inauguration of the bench with the station for charging mobile phones. The video, which he rudely shooed out of the frame of the volunteer, published on the Sochi Online channel on YouTube.

The video shows how he tried to keep the red tape to the head of the city was easier to cut. “Well, get back, come on really! In TV all you want? Let’s get away-get away! It is not necessary to do this. Look, you’re being a little intense,” — said Pakhomov young man and pushed his arm.

In the comments under the video, published may 31, netizens shared their angry responses. “Disgusting. I hope it so too soon to say,” wrote one of looked. “Something he said to the children so strict,” said another. Users also called the mayor of cattle, and asked him to resign.

Earlier in June, the outrage of citizens caused the behavior Pakhomov at a children’s party: the mayor dropped to the ground grid with balls as a gift to children. “Like dogs, like, choke,” said some residents of Sochi. In the city administration said that the attacks on the mayor are exaggerated, as he remained on the platform for a long time and played with the children.