Americans suspected hackers from Russia in the substitution of the speech of the Emir of Qatar


RIA Novosti

USA suspected “Russian hackers” breaking news Agency in Qatar. The incident caused a scandal in the Persian Gulf. According to the American media, the Russian goal was to create tensions between the United States and its allies.

To return the control page of the news Agency of Qatar managed four hours after her break. Attempts to hack the page and micro-blogging organization social media lasted all day, reports RIA Novosti.

We will remind, on the severance of relations with Qatar, said Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, UAE and Saudi Arabia. This happened after hackers hacking the website of the state news Agency of Qatar and the placing there of the statements of the Emir of Qatar in support of Iran and the Palestinian movement Hamas. Meanwhile, other Arab countries have considered the arguments of the Doha attack unconvincing.