Wild peacock smashed a wine shop

Wild peacock smashed a wine shop

In the us city of Arcadia, California, wild peacock broke into a liquor store and smashed goods worth about $ 500. About it reports UPI.

Store Manager Rani Ghanem (Ghanem Rani) claims that he did not notice the bird until one of the buyers complained about it. He tried to kick a peacock, but he began to rush at the trading hall.

“I didn’t know that they can fly so high, but he flew over the counter and sat down on the ice cream freezer, — said Ghanem. This is definitely not the situation in which I feel comfortable. I was a bit scared and didn’t know what to do.”

Peacock-the brawler defeated the American alkomarket

Not dealing with the peacock, he called animal control. Arrived specialist tried to catch the bird, but she dodged, dropping to the floor passing the bottle of wine and champagne. In the end, he crept back and managed to throw a net, when a peacock was perched on a high shelf.

The TV channel “360” has published a recording of the incident made the surveillance camera installed in the store.

Peacocks are considered a symbol of Arcadia. In the early XX century the town’s founder Elias Jackson Baldwin named Lucky (Elias Jackson Baldwin) brought them from India and settled on his ranch. He hoped that the birds would be to destroy the snakes and snails, but they have run wild and settled in the neighborhood of Arcadia.