Unknown attacked government buildings in the Iranian capital

Unknown attacked government buildings in the Iranian capital

In Tehran at the same time the unknown made a fire in the building of the Parliament of Iran, and also arranged the explosion at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini. The attacks have killed and wounded.


According to the Fars news Agency, a man opened fire at the entrance to the Parliament building in Tehran. According to the Deputy of Hazrat Alasa, all the attackers were three or four, and they were armed with Kalashnikovs and pistols.

The attack was injured eight people, including soldiers of the revolutionary Guards and civilians, who came to Parliament for a meeting with deputies from his region. One of the soldiers, according to unofficial information, has died.

First video of shooting at #iran”s parliament showing people running away outside the building.
FNA pic.twitter.com/yNCwu1YJIA

— Maysam Bizar (@m_bizar) 7 Jun 2017

According to one who shot them was arrested, according to other information, the criminals took one of the offices in Parliament.

The pic below shows one of the attackers inside #Iran”s parliament shooting at forces#Tehran pic.twitter.com/PsjTysRBOA

— Tasnim News Agency (@Tasnimnews_EN) 7 Jun 2017

The correspondent of Fars claims that the building still hear the sound of gunfire.

The second attack happened at the same time in the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, where the two criminals opened fire on visitors, and the third a terrorist blew himself up.

The Moment when a suicide bomber detonates himself in areas near mausoleum of Imam #Khomeini in southern #Tehran +som other pics#Iran pic.twitter.com/3adRWlyzoT

— Tasnim News Agency (@Tasnimnews_EN) 7 Jun 2017

According to unofficial data, in the attack one person was killed and five others were injured. Agency Tasnim claims that the police managed to shoot one of the criminals and arrest involved in the attack on the woman.