The Germans were accused of profiteering labouring refugees

Martin Steltner

German men often call themselves fathers of children refugees for money. About it reports The Local.

“We are talking about a number of cases, we fix them every month. Someone even “took” upon himself the fatherhood of 10 children,” said the Berlin Prosecutor Martin Steltner. According to him, total was about 700 false “Otzovists”.

According to German law, the man can be considered the father of the child, if he said this. To be a biological parent, it is completely optional. Enterprising Germans using it, and for a few thousand euros call themselves the fathers of the unborn children of migrants.

Alimony while they do not need to pay the expenses of single mothers covered by the state, the child receives the German citizenship and her mother is legally living in the country. While law enforcement authorities have no way of dealing with this fraud — everything that happens is not beyond the law. The authorities promised to take action and make changes to the regulatory framework.