Sociologists have learned that the most important thing in life for Russians

Sociologists have learned that the most important thing in life for Russians

MOSCOW, 7 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Russians most appreciate health (99 points), family relationships (98 points) and security (96 points), it follows from the results of a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Also for respondents as an important social infrastructure in place of residence (96 points), the environment (93 points) and financial conditions (90 points), the ability to communicate with friends and family (89 points) and the possibility of achieving their goals (83 points).

At the same time, the least important aspects of their lives, the Russians have called the opportunity for career growth (15 points), participation in public and political life (8 points), position in society (39 points), creative self-realization and the availability of leisure time (46 points).

Sociologists have noted the growing attention of citizens to the economic and political situation in the country, the rate rose from 76 points in 2014 to 83 points in 2017. In addition, the falling value of the climate for the Russians, dropped 61 points in 2014 to 36 points in 2017.

Director of Foundation poll, candidate of psychological Sciences Konstantin Abramov believes that reducing the attractiveness of social status and careers for young Russians can say that young people don’t see those opportunities around them and are implemented in other areas. That is why health care, sports, attention to ecology and quality of social infrastructure show growth or remain popular, he said.

Pollsters interviewed 1,200 respondents, aged 18 years. The size of the error with 95% probability does not exceed 3.5%.