Matviyenko called Russophobia political phenomenon


RIA Novosti

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at the press-conference on results of the third international Livadia forum said that Russophobia exists at the political level.

“But this is usually at the top, and at the level of people communication of the peoples of no Russophobia does not exist”, — quotes “Criminals” words Matvienko, who said that Russophobia is a political phenomenon.

She noted that on a human level she had not had to deal with Russophobia.

“The same French as the people of other countries of Europe and America, love Russia and Russian culture, I respect the Russian people,” she said, urging to treat the manifestations of political Russophobia in peace, “but to give an adequate semantic answers.”

Matviyenko also pointed to the need to promote Russian cultural projects and to develop public diplomacy, youth and students, and sports with the obligatory involvement of non-profit organizations.

“We are a country of great culture, not only in past but today also. And when abroad come to our musicians, composers, artists, open our exhibitions — it all works for a better understanding of our country’s soft power, which is used now by all countries, and it is the most effective,” she concluded.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the cause of universal Russophobia is to consolidate a multipolar world, which, according to him, not like monopolists.