The head of VTB believes that Putin will take part in the elections of 2018


RIA Novosti

President-Chairman of Board of Bank VTB Andrey Kostin believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will take part in the presidential elections of 2018. This opinion was expressed, speaking at the St. Petersburg economic forum.

“All it seems reasonable that the level of support 70-80% any leader can not go to the polls. I must Express the General view that Vladimir Putin will go to elections and win them in the first round,” – said Kostin.

Earlier, the President said that it was premature to talk about whether he would participate in the presidential elections of 2018, noting that before the elections “less than a year still, this is a long time in today’s fast-changing world.” However, he promised to do everything to the electoral campaign was conducted strictly according to the law, and everyone could put his candidacy.

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