Putin denied the information about the “channels of communication” between the team of trump and the Kremlin

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Russia did not have any channels with any of the staffs of candidates in presidents of the United States, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with NBC, commenting on the fact that the Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak discussed with Jared Kushner, now the adviser of the President of the United States Donald trump, the possibility of creating a “secret channel of communication with the Kremlin” during the election campaign.

“Russia no channel is not created and no one had any channels. Perhaps had some official contacts with the staffs of all the candidates, it’s normal diplomatic practice,” he said.

According to Putin, what makes Kislyak, is the ongoing work of the Ambassador, and no “meetings” with U.S. officials. “What do you think, from around the world and from the United States Ambassador me every day, reports the people he meets that he discussed? Some nonsense,” — said Putin.

“Just someone decided to cling to it and elected it as a line of attack on the incumbent. It is not our business, it is your there internal showdown. Practice them ourselves,” — said the Russian leader.

“You better made a sensation and turned it into an instrument of struggle with the current President,” opined Putin over allegations against trump.

On may 26, the Washington Post, citing us officials reported that Kouchner at the end of 2016, allegedly proposed the use of a secret channel of communication between Moscow and the transition staff of President-elect. Three days later, Fox News channel reported that the initiative to establish a secret channel of communication came from Kislyak.

In Moscow, the idea of the secret communications channel was absurd. “The Embassy has closed the communication channel. He’s the one. This is a phone that can talk are just some of the most senior workers of the Embassy. The connection is encrypted. It is normal practice for all countries of the world. Creating a new communication channel is technically impossible,” — said a senior source in the Russian diplomatic circles.