Who and how does not like tourists. And what

Who and how does not like tourists. And what

International tourism is a huge trafficking industry. Which, of course, committed to the development. But there are places where tourists are not happy. And there are reasons.

Global financial crises, terrorist threats and local military conflicts have added peace of mind in our lives. However international tourism continues to grow, according to the world tourism organization of the United Nations. In 2016 tourists have made 1 billion 235 million international trips. And experts anticipate that the further these numbers will increase.

On the one hand, to the tourist centers is good: the more visitors, the more money. On the other — some of the world’s tourist capital and so do not know how these tourists to get rid of. The money of course, they leave — but not only them. That’s the problem. The authorities of Florence, for example, decided to apply the new measures to combat careless tourists, writes the Guardian. The streets and stairs of the historic center of the city will be watered regularly with water from hoses. City hall hope to scare away tourists who like to arrange picnics on sidewalks and staircases near the attractions, and then not bother to clean up. Florence mayor says he has nothing against travellers, he is against those who do not respect the cultural heritage of his city.

But there are those who solves problems that make the tourists more radically. Spanish Barcelona in 2015 has temporarily suspended the issuance of licenses for rental housing, and later the authorities banned the construction of new hotels. The Italian resort of Cinque Terre in Liguria decided to limit the number of tourists to half a million a year. Local authorities are worried about the unique nature that tourists can destroy. And many such examples.

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In General, advice for one and he is the one that gave them the mother and grandmother in childhood. Behave yourself and clean up after yourself. And then the next time the Florentines will not be water steps to water, and something more interesting will come up.

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Author Kirill Bakeev, radio Sputnik