The President proposed to involve young people in SPIEF for the future of civilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to create in the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) youth section. His words leads TASS on Friday, June 2nd.

“The younger generation is the future, it is precisely those people who build the future and who live in it”, — stressed the head of state.

In his view, the special section could “to analyze, to shape, to design the image of the future of their countries and civilization as a whole.”

The Russian leader during the plenary meeting also noted the St. Petersburg students who have received the gold of the world championship on programming. Putin congratulated them on their seventh consecutive victory and quoted the moderator of the discussion, an American journalist the Kelly Megyn: “it is very decent people, and young residents of St. Petersburg confirm this the best way”.

Earlier Friday it was reported that the President opened the plenary session of SPIEF with a joke: participants who welcomed him, he commanded “at ease!”