Teresa may criticised for calling for control of the Internet

Teresa may criticised for calling for control of the Internet

The Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may criticized for calling for greater regulation of some areas of the Internet.


Previously, Mr. may said that terrorists have used the Internet as a “safe space” for the dissemination of extremist ideology.

“We cannot allow this ideology to find a safe place to spread their ideas. Today it is exactly what the Internet and big Internet companies allow you to do,” said may.

However, the organization Open Rights Group dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms in the Internet space, said that the regulation of this region may only send “these vile organizations in the darker corners of the Internet.”

“The Internet and companies like Facebook themselves are not the cause of hatred and violence, they are only a tool that is subjected to abuse,” reads the statement, which also condemned the Saturday attack in London.

On the Internet companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, which owns the service to exchange encrypted messages WhatsApp, already under pressure from them, require strict control to prevent the recruitment and planning attacks.

On Sunday morning, the interior Minister amber Rudd in an interview with broadcaster ITV called for an international agreement aimed at combating radicalization in social networks.

“We must be sure that the company doing more in order to remove the radical materials,” she said.

The company Facebook say that do not allow the appearance of materials calling for terrorist activities and supporting terrorism.

“Using both technology and human resources, we are deliberately working to remove the materials terrorists as soon as we become aware of them. And as soon as we know about the dangerous situation, we notify law enforcement authorities”, — said in a statement.

Google said that “ready to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental organizations to address these problems and support the actions of the authorities, aimed at depriving terrorists of the vote in the network”.

The company also reported that work on the organization of the “international forum, which should speed up this process and strengthen work in this area.”

Joe Lynam, correspondent Bi-bi-si for business

Calls for Internet companies to “do more” became the usual response of many politicians to the terrorist attacks.

Review Theresa may’s content is not original, but his tone is quite different. In the Manifesto of the Conservative party, published three weeks ago, she has already offered to tax Internet companies to tax and impose sanctions on them if they fail to remove illegal content.

Given that YouTube is uploaded every minute to 400 hours of video, and Facebook about 2 billion active users, control over content, encouraging terror, requires advanced computer technology and human hard work.

Representatives of technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook, included in the international expert group created with the purpose to deter and prevent terror around the world.

This includes the creation of a database of so-called virtual fingerprint of the content with the image of violence and the creation of a common base of users that can be associated with extremism.