Putin has shared details of a meeting with Flynn in 2015

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that virtually spoke with a former adviser to U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn at an event in Moscow in 2015. He told about it in interview to TV presenter NBC Megyn Kelly, an excerpt from which is published on the website of the channel on Sunday, June 4.

Answering a journalist’s question about meeting with U.S. officials, Putin said: “I’m with you a more personal relationship than Mr. Flynn”. The President said that was sitting next to a former adviser at the event, which was conducted by Russia Today (currently channel called RT)

“At the table next to me sat a gentleman. Then I made another about something talked, and I got up and left. And then I said, “You know that this man (…) in the security services worked.” That’s all. I didn’t actually talk,” — said Putin.

On June 2 the President of Russia called hysteria media campaign in the United States around the Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak. He added that the diplomat and Flynn discussed only in General terms, how it is necessary to build bilateral relations.

In may, the American TV channel CNN reported that Russian officials in private conversations allegedly boasted that we were able to establish a “strong relationship” with Flynn.

The General-the Lieutenant in resignation, Michael Flynn was the national security adviser of the US President from 20 January to 13 February 2017. He resigned amid charges that do not fully disclose the content of their conversations with Kislyak. Media claimed that the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States discussed the possible lifting of us sanctions against Moscow.

Moscow has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. Such statements, in particular, contained in the published in January, declassified part of the report, which was prepared by us intelligence agencies. It said that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to organize a campaign to discredit the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and win the Republican Donald trump.