In the case of the terrorist attacks in London arrested 12 suspects

Continued: trump criticized quelled the mayor of London

Police have detained 12 people suspected of involvement in the terrorist attacks in London, reports on Sunday, 4 June, BBC News. They were found in the Eastern part of the city in an apartment that belonged to one of the terrorists.

According to the latest data, seven people were killed, 48 were injured. Three men who attacked the Londoners, shot dead by law enforcement officers.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent the British Prime Minister Theresa may, the telegram noted that “the crime is shocking in its cruelty and cynicism”. He expressed confidence that the common response to attack should be to build joint efforts in the fight against terrorism around the world.

On the evening of 3 April the terrorists in the white van ran into a crowd of people near the London bridge and then got to the borough market, where he got out of the car and rushed with knives on pedestrians.