Died writer Juan Goytisolo

Died writer Juan Goytisolo

Spanish writer and journalist died at the age of 86 years in Marrakech.

MADRID, June 4. /Offset. TASS Ekaterina Vorobyeva/. Spanish writer and journalist Juan Goytisolo died at the age of 86 years in Marrakech. This was reported by the Agency EFE.

According to him, in recent months the health of the writer was very weak that several times he was hospitalized. The exact cause of his death was not reported.

Murió el escritor español Juan Goytisolo – https://t.co/dnua3ns4Hs

— Hugo H. Rabbia (@hugorabbia) 4 Jun 2017

Juan Goytisolo was born on 6 January 1931 in Barcelona. On account of his many short stories and novellas. Among the most famous — “Sleight of hand” (Juegos de manos, 1954), “Sadness in heaven” (Duelo en el paraíso, 1955), “Special signs” (Senas de identidad, 1966).

As a journalist Goytisolo collaborated with the newspaper El Pais and wrote reports about events in Chechnya. In 2014 he won the literature prize Miguel de Cervantes.