Russian Makeev placed in solitary confinement in a Mexican prison

Alexei Makeev

Alexei Makeev, who Mexican authorities accused of murder will spend in solitary confinement and a half years — the entire period of pre-trial detention. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the Russian Consul in Mexico Dmitry Bolbot.

“He was placed alone in a prison for the temporary detention of Chetumal, as the court found,” explained Bolbot, adding that investigators for three months to prepare materials for the process. In the case of a guilty verdict to the Russian citizen faces 25 to 50 years.

May 19, several hundred people surrounded the house Makeyev and attacked him. Two dozen police officers left the scene, when the audience began to storm the home of the Russian. They are charged with failure to render aid. In addition, the investigation is conducted in respect of people who were filming the beating on video and uploaded to the Internet.

One Mexican was wounded and died after the attack, the Russian was seriously injured. In the night of may 30, Makeev, after the failure of the operations was discharged from the hospital and placed under arrest, but later returned to the hospital.

The aggression of the locals Makeev caused by the fact that for no reason insulted people on the streets, including women and children, recorded their actions on video and posted to the Internet. In many videos he insulted Mexicans on racial grounds, and showed a swastika.

His behavior Makeev known in Russia. It was filmed by the TV show “confession” alleging that he is mentally ill.