Kuznetsova thought about free government nannies

Anna Kuznetsova

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova suggested to create Institute of public nannies for children up to three years. On Friday, June 2, reports TASS.

She noted that currently the nanny need about 320 thousand children. “They will have special knowledge and to have a certificate, this will make assistance to children under the age of three years more flexible. Not necessary for this to build a kindergarten, a childcare for up to three years to implement a more flexible format,” said Kuznetsov, adding that the nanny be social workers, and parents do not have to pay for the services.

The Ombudsman said that the new Institute will contribute to the creation of new jobs, especially “in remote areas, where exactly will never build a kindergarten, because it is unprofitable”. In her opinion, this project will also help parents: how young mothers who are in difficult situations, and women after 30 who refuse the birth of a second or third child out of fear of losing their job.

In early may it became known that in Omsk kindergarten nanny nursery “Dwarfs” were systematically beaten, bitten and smothered their children. The children came in from the garden with abrasions, bruises, bumps on the head, bruises and broken lips. One of them told me that during the quiet hours when the caregiver is absent, the nurse has them. Regional office of public Prosecutor has appointed check on this information.