Foreigners will be able to defend the dissertation not only in the Russian language


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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which foreign nationals, who prepared the thesis on competition of academic degrees, is entitled to protection in a foreign language in organizations that have this option, the document is published on the website of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation.

The document was developed by Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. Explains that now, according to the regulations on awarding degrees, the thesis must be conducted in Russian. Or, if necessary, should be provided with simultaneous interpretation into another language. Dissertation abstract of dissertation presented to dissertation Council in the Russian language.

“The signed resolution provision has been amended, according to which foreign citizens, who prepared a thesis on competition of scientific degrees, you may be entitled to protection in a foreign language in organizations where the possibility of such protection. The thesis and the abstract of a thesis submitted in Russian and foreign languages”, — stated in the message.

Translation into Russian language of the documents presented by the competitor of a scientific degree of the dissertation Council, the provision of interpreter services in the case of the invitation of the applicant for a degree at the meeting of the higher attestation Commission under Ministry of education and science or the expert Council of the Commission comes at the expense of the organization, in the dissertation Council that is being protected, or at the expense of the applicant for a degree in the agreement between them.

It is noted that the decision to promote Russian educational and scientific organizations of foreign researchers, and will improve the competitiveness of these organizations.