Putin thanked modi for a visit to the Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked Prime Minister Narendra modi for a visit to the Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery, which is of particular importance for Russia.

“This morning I visited the Piskaryovskoye cemetery. I saw that the people of Leningrad have sacrificed their lives to protect their city, their Homeland. And I had the opportunity to honour their memory and lay a wreath,” said modi in early talks with Putin.

According to modi, he also saw the grave of the older brother Putin. “I saw the graves of those who sacrificed their lives. I saw the grave of your older brother. I learned about the history of your family, which is also associated with the blockade of Leningrad, with its protection. I think it is very important that the policy was associated with the defense of their homeland”, – said the Prime Minister of India.

Putin thanked modi for a visit to Piskarevsky. “Thank you private for visiting the Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery. Such places are for the Russian nation has a special significance,” Putin said.