The Russian foreign Ministry promised to answer the US imposed sanctions because of the DPRK

Russia is already working on a response to the US imposed sanctions related to the DPRK. About it RIA Novosti said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

According to him, Moscow is striving not to drive relations with Washington completely to a standstill, but the recent actions of the U.S. Treasury do not help to solve this problem. “As for our possible response (introduced new restrictive measures), we immediately took to study. We determined (with the answer), based on all of the need not to drive the relationship is in a standstill and work on the prospect of their improvement,” said Ryabkov.

As Deputy Minister expressed deep regret that the extension of sanctions against Russia occurred after the change of US administration. “It is sad and disappointed that after the change of administration in Washington stop trying to apply the same unworkable scheme to the Russian organizations and our compatriots. It is clear that the desired effect, the authors of this policy will not succeed this time”, he commented.

Earlier, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against nine organizations and three individuals for cooperation with the DPRK in the field of development of missile and nuclear technology. In the list fall under the restrictions of the two Russian companies: “Ardis-Bearing” and “Independent petroleum company”, as well as a citizen of Russia Igor Michurin born in 1978.

In addition, under the American sanctions were companies from China and the DPRK, as well as several of the citizens of these countries.

Dissatisfaction with the United States cause ongoing tests of missile systems to the DPRK. Also, Washington requires Pyongyang’s refusal from nuclear program.