The Federation Council approved the cancellation of absentee ballots

The Federation Council at the meeting approved the amendment to the electoral law, which provides, inter alia, the abolition of absentee ballots. On Wednesday, may 31, according to RIA Novosti.

According to the document, the citizen, who will be in day of voting in a different city or region will be able to submit to the election Commission an application on the phone or e-mail for inclusion in the list by their location in the manner prescribed by the CEC.

In addition, the document specifies the range of dates for the presidential election. If adopted, the day of the vote can be transferred from the second Sunday in March to the third. The need for amendments to the bill’s authors explained that holidays in the first half of March make changes to the electoral calendar.

The bill also makes mandatory broadcast from polling stations on election day and would increase the penalty for unlawful issuance of a Bulletin by almost 10 times.

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading the package of amendments developed by the members of the Federation Council Andrey Clisham and Anatoly Shirokov, may 24.