The ban on driving in Russia with foreign rights entered into force

In Russia since June 1 came into force a ban on the work of professional drivers persons with foreign rights. According to RIA Novosti, fired fall about three hundred employees of sue “Mosgortrans”.

The Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Lysakov said in an interview with radio station national news service (NSN), which is almost anywhere in the regions of the foreign drivers were not given the possibility to retake the exams.

“If admitted to such a driver, whether it be public transport or freight transport, the employer can be fined in the amount of 50 thousand rubles, and the driver in the amount from 5 to 15 thousand, because it would be equivalent to driving without a license,” — said Lysakov. The identification of these offences will the police, according to him, will cause the growth of corruption.

The law was scheduled to operate from 2014, but due to the annexation of Crimea to Russia, its entry into force was postponed until 2017 to give time for Peninsula residents to receive new documents.

A group of state Duma deputies proposed to extend the deferral for another year — until 2018. “But in the process of making heated discussion arose, the representative of traffic police said that everything is fine, they are ready, no problem. Therefore, the bill is not passed”, — said Vladimir Lysakov.